Our Vision

Helping small business communities.


At MFB, our vision is to help small business communities in every way possible. To expand beyond the services lines we currently offer by introducing programs that will target alternate problem areas for our clients. We intend to take Microfinance at Berkeley to different campuses in the United States, starting with California before branching out. Not only are we focused on domestic expansion, but are also working towards our long-standing goal of making MFB international by collaborating with various Microfinance Institutions in developing countries since the communities present there have even fewer resources than those around the Bay Area.  

Serving the small business community is our main goal. In our experiences, we have found that while small business owners are extremely passionate about their work, they tend to lack the plethora of resources that are at the disposal of larger ventures. This is why the work that we do at MFB is important. Our pro bono services help the individuals we work with take their dreams to the new heights - an experience that is incredibly rewarding not only for our clients but also for our members.

Raaghav Goel & Lillian Wu

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