Lillian Wu | President

Lillian is a junior majoring in Business Administration and Molecular Cell Biology. She is passionate about giving back to the community and being able to see the impact that she makes. She joined Microfinance at Berkeley because the club provides a wonderful opportunity for her to use her skills to work with clients one-on-one and provide them with the information that they need in order to succeed

Lillian Wu


Zane Aitken | External Vice President

Zane was born and raised in Panajachel, Guatemala. He discovered a passion for Microfinance while working as an intern for a Grameen Bank in his area. Since then, Zane moved to the United States to pursue his education. He is a senior who studies Business Administration at Haas School of Business.

Zane Aitken

External Vice President

Daniel Zhu | External Vice President

Daniel is a sophomore intending to study Business Sustainability. He is very passionate about the unique intersection between environmental sustainability, business operations, and supply chain management. He joined Microfinance At Berkeley to improve the small business climate in Berkeley and support small businesses owners who positively impact the local environment expand their enterprises in the Bay Area.

Daniel Zhu

External Vice President

Alex McMurry | Internal Vice President

Alex is an intended economics major in the class of 2020 from Sacramento California. He joined Microfinance at Berkeley because it allows him to apply his business and communication skills towards the goal of linking socially-conscious local small businesses with zero-interest loans, in order to spur their growth. When Alex is not sending emails or studying in the library, he enjoys reading the Economist, going hiking in the Berkeley hills and exploring all that living in the Bay Area has to offer!

Alex McMurry

Internal Vice President

Tiffany Tsay | Loan Officer

Tiffany is a junior studying Business Administration. She is passionate about working with small businesses and helping them obtain the resources they need to succeed. In her free time, she enjoys swimming and hiking.

Tiffany Chin

Loan Officer

Mahira Dayal | Chief Loan Officer

Mahira is a sophomore studying Economics. She is passionate about promoting financial literacy and using entrepreneurship as a tool for development. She hopes to make a positive impact with her involvement in Microfinance at Berkeley.

Mahira Dayal

Chief Loan Officer


Karson Yu | Marketing Director

Karson is a sophomore intended to major in Business Administration from Hong Kong. He is interested in pro-bono work and business operations. He loves Microfinance at Berkeley as he feels what he does with the club has a positive impact on small business in the Bay Area. Karson is also a competitive triathlete in the Cal Triathlon Team.

Karson Yu

Marketing Director